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Search and Live Feed

Giving you full visibility into your messages.

Some messaging solutions feel a bit like a black hole. You submit your message and basically hope for the best. This is one of the problems we have tried to solve with Outkit, by giving you...

  • A searchable archive of every submitted message, whether they succeeded or failed
  • The ability to see the rendered result, the raw message or the submitted locals/variables for every sent message,
  • Powerful search that lets you find exactly the message your customer is inquiring about
  • Access to the full backend response, including status code, headers and both the raw and normalized reply
  • A live feed of messages as they are received by our systems - watch everything happen in real time
  • One-click resending of sent (or failed) messages, optionally letting you use a different backend or edit to/from/subject
  • Graphs that show how many messages (of each type) have been sent for each of your templates, projects, backends and in total

We’ll document all of this more thoroughly in the future, but for the most part we hope that you’ll find the UI to be reasonably intuitive. There are also certain cues that are meant to guide you in the right direction, so we encourage you to click around in the UI and try things out.

What's Next

The best place to start exploring is the Messages tab, especially once you have tried to send a few messages.